Hammocraft :: SUP Kit

Hammocraft :: SUP Kit

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Expected delivery date: Early July 2017


The Hammocraft floats on rivers, rapids, ocean swell and slow rivers. This Kit is built on paddle boards, enabling you to enjoy them with or without hammocks. It’s our go-to option for floating slow rivers. 


(4) 304 stainless steel polished corner connectors

(4) 6061 aluminum pipes for base

(4) 6061 extra strong aluminum pipes for upright support with slot and knot system for easy hammock attachment and height adjustment

(4) cinch straps with zinc plated cam buckle to attach the frame to paddle boards

(1) ski bag with handles made of durable water-resistant fabric

(1) duffel bag with handles made of durable water-resistant fabric

weight capacity: 800 lbs

frame weight: 59 lbs

frame dimensions: 7’2” wide x 7’2” deep x 3’8” tall



(2) iSUP inflatable paddle boards

(1) hand pump

(2) 3-piece fiberglass paddles

repair kit included

weight capacity / board: 400 lbs

Hammocraft capacity: 2-5 people

paddleboard weight: 24 lbs

paddleboard dimensions: 2’8” wide x 9’10” long x 6” thick


Hammock Specs

(4) ENO Single Nest parachute nylon hammocks

(2) aluminum wiregate carabiners / hammock

wide array of colors to choose from [after order is placed]

breathable quick drying nylon with attached compression stuff sack

weight capacity: 400 lbs

hammock weight: 16 oz

hammock dimensions: 4’7” wide x 9’4” long

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